Tenterfield Market Report

Cows & Calves sell to $2175.00

Sale Date: 19.06.17             Number Yarded: 918

Numbers increased this week with a yarding of 918 head of cattle. Steers and bullocks met a firm market, with steers selling to 348.2 cents, whilst the bullocks topped at 283.2 cents with the heaviest returning $2049.66 .

Increased store competition saw store cows fully firm, whilst the medium and heavy weight cows were 10-15 cents cheaper, as processors advised that next week’s kill is full. Heavy cows sold to 241.2 cents and medium weights to 223.2 cents.  Heifers sold to a top of 310 cents.

A large yarding in the trade section saw the best of the steer calves return to the paddock for 426.2 cents whilst heifers sold to a top of 387.2 cents. A feature herd dispersal saw cows and calves sell to $2175.00.

Bulls met a dearer market, selling to 299.2 cents. 


BULLOCKS:        JA & EM Campbell                  $    2049.66

 STEERS:           Paratai Pty Ltd                         $    1694.00

  COWS:             AP Farms Pty Ltd                    $    1707.67

 HEIFERS:         DB, JC & NA Lanz                   $    1506.82

 YEARLINGS:    AP Farms Pty Ltd                    $    1384.10

 VEALERS:         AP Farms Pty Ltd                    $    1175.56

 BULLS:             BN & LJ Grogan                      $    3005.30

NEXT SALE:11.30 am Monday 3rd July