Market Report

Bulls sell to $1994.22

Sale Date: 12.02.18             Number Yarded: 251

Numbers decreased slightly this week for a total of 251head of mixed quality cattle, meeting a firm to slightly cheaper market. A small yarding of steers sold to 302.2 cents whilst bullock numbers were too limited to provide an accurate quote.

In the cow section heavy cows sold to 213.2 cents, medium weights topped at 200.2 cents, whilst the lighter cows sold to 170 cents. Cows and calves topped at $1400.00

In the trade section, the best of the lightweight weaners sold to 356.2 cents, whilst the heifer portion topped at 295.2 cents, both returning to the paddock.

A smaller yarding of bulls sold to 246.2 cents. 


BULLOCKS:      No Quote           $   

 STEERS:           NM & K Rhodes                      $    1153.63

  COWS:          G & J Smith                           $    1282.60

 HEIFERS:         R & S Hollis                               $    1247.23

 YEARLINGS:    SV & PR Sammut                    $    1054.93

 VEALERS:         EW & LM Lawrence               $    1044.89

 BULLS:             BP Grogan                               $    1994.22

NEXT SALE:11.30 am Monday 26th February