Renting a property should be a hassle free part of your busy lifestyle and, as we would like to make this happen for you, we have compiled a list of important points that will help you understand and manage your renting more easily and efficiently. 

Tenant Information

The information provided below has been compiled to make your renting process easier and more efficient. 

- Office Hours
- Applications
- Payments
- Bond
- Inspections
- Keys
- Insurance
- Electricity and Telephone
- Gas
- Maintenance and Repairs
- Termination

Office hours

We are open 8.30 am to 5.00 pm Monday to Friday and 9 am to 11.30 am on Saturday.


All tenants will need to complete a detailed application form for any property you wish to rent. All information given is checked thoroughly, including reference checks.

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Under the terms of your Residential Tenancy Agreement, rent must be paid 2 weeks in advance at all times and can be paid either weekly or fortnightly. If at any time you cannot make your payment by the due date, please contact Lisa Curry on (02) 6736 1344 or 0412 360 430 who will discuss your situation further with you.


Rental Bond is an amount of money paid by a tenant as a form of security for the landlord against any breaches of the agreement such as damage or excessive wear and tear. This bond money is lodged with the Office of Fair Trading and will be refunded after you vacate the premises if no breach of agreement has been made (allowing for normal wear and tear) and there is no rent or other monies outstanding.


Periodic inspections are carried out to check on the maintenance of the property and will occur during the course of the rental agreement usually quarterly. 7 days notice will be given to you and all inspections will be carried out by Lisa Curry.


We hold duplicate keys for all properties in case emergency access is required. These keys can be borrowed during office hours under special circumstances, but identification will be required and the keys must be returned to us within a 24 hour period. Should you need to change locks on the rental property for any reason, permission from Harold Curry is essential and a duplicate copy of all keys must be supplied to us.


The landlord of the property will not provide insurance cover for your personal effects so we strongly advise that you obtain household contents insurance to safeguard you against loss or damage of your personal belongings.